Our Story

Truly You Owner Audia J.
Truly You is the vision and product of Audia Jones.  The product was the reward from her journey from relaxed to natural hair.  During the process, without a wealth of information and support, it was challenging to learn how to style newly, natural hair.  

Audia quickly learned that many of the products she used on her relaxed hair were unsuitable, ineffective, and even harmful to the overall transition and maintenance of her growth.  The transitioning process is already an extremely grueling experience physically, mentally, and spiritually.  For this reason, having a suitable and effective hair care management system can ease the stress.
Audia found organic natural products worked best on her thick, natural hair.  In fact, she learned that those products worked better in every sense of the word. Her hair was healthier, softer and more manageable.  What is more, her hair was able to maintain thickness and health,  and as a result retain length.  
Surprisingly, Audia soon discovered that many products marketed as "natural" actually contained synthetic ingredients that did not pair well with her natural hairdo.  In effort to avoid the issues that occurred as a result of utilizing mischaracterized products, Audia simply learned which ingredients truly worked best on her hair and started to create different combinations of her own scalp oils and hair butters.  During this process, she came across other women who wanted to go natural.  In her desire to help these ladies, Audia would let them use the blends she made for herself.  When these ladies ran out of their gifts, they wanted more. As a result of the time, money, and effort require to fulfill these requests, Audia began to sell her oils and blends.  Thus, her business was born.

Unlike the large corporations simply seeking to gain a monetary foothold on similar hair care products, Truly You is a brand created by someone who went  through the transitioning process and understands the toll it take on a woman's self-image.  Audia truly seeks to help other women be themselves and style themselves as God originally created them.

Truly You provides a return on investment.  Naturals have spent incredible amounts of money trying to find what works best for them. I know because I was one of them. My product is an organic brand that  is also cost-effective. I stand behind it because it embraces all of one's  unique qualities of natural hair that have long been shunned: curly, kinky,  and coily hair textures.  

Truly You promotes hair health.  The brand dispels the myth of "good"  hair, which is not necessarily healthy hair. It can not only be  unhealthy for your hair, it can be unhealthy for your mind and spirit -- but that is a totally different conversation. But let it be known, I do not have any issues with relaxed hair. I am simply giving women another option. 
Truly  You is continuing to grow and effect the lives of women throughout the U.S. and abroad. The company is not simply a  product but a thriving community that resonates in the motto: Be True, Be You!