The Link Between Health and Healthy Hair | Part 1 of 3: Chemicals, Relaxers and Fibroids

African American Medical Professionals

In a study conducted by Black Women’s Health, scientists tracked various ethnic groups of women - including African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian and African Caribbean women, to determine two seemingly connected outcomes.  

First.  Whether there is a causal link between the use of chemical hair relaxers and developing Uterine Leimyomata (also known as “Fibroids”).  

Second.  Whether there is a causal link between a higher occurrence of Fibroids in African-American women as compared to other ethnic groups of women. If so, why?  

The results of the study were astounding.  African American women who used chemical relaxers or straighteners were two to three times more likely, than women in other ethnic groups, to develop Fibroids.  That is correct, 2-3x more likely! Scientists determined that there is a significant connection between the rate of Fibroids among African-Americans and ingredients in chemical relaxers or straighteners that enter the bloodstream through lesions or burns that develop on the scalp during the chemical relaxer process.

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