A Note to New Moms

Audia Jones

Awww, the joys of new motherhood are amazing, aren't they? Absolutely. But can we be brutally honest and say, time is so dang scarce!  And we mean this literally and figuratively.  Finding time for yourself while in full Mommy Mode is like tip-toeing around a sleeping bear (before hibernation ) or lighting the end of a small bomb (near a gas tank) and hoping you can find a way to get bits and pieces of tasks accomplished before that bear (I mean little Angel) or bomb (I mean little precious Angel) rises or explodes (I mean awakens softly like a Dove, not).

With that being said, seriously when do you find the time to care for your health, your hair, or the health of your hair?  For the next few months to years, gone are the days of taking unimaginable amounts of time trying products with cheap or synthetic ingredients at wash time just to find that they leave your hair dry, brittle and in shambles. With a Mom-friendly company we understand how devastating that wasted wash and style can be. This is why our product formulations are perfect for new moms, moms, and busy women.  Each Truly You product is made from hand-selected natural ingredients that moisturize the hair continuously for days, leaving hair longer, softer and healthier.  

In celebration of you for Mother's Day, enjoy 20% OFF all orders, using CODE: TYNEWMOMMY.

Stay tuned for the next post where we will discuss exactly why Truly You hair care products are the best on the market.

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