The 2 Best Natural Ingredients To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Audia Jones

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For many of us summer means sun, fun, cookouts, long hot days with even longer hotter nights.  But with all of that great stuff plus much more (not to mention swimming, grilling and traveling), the summer sun can put a damper on all of that -- more specifically the sun's Ultra Violet Rays -- can do some serious damage to our hair.  That's why we researched and listed below the 2 best natural ingredients that protect against UV-Rays.

1.  Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol) :  This magical little ingredient is the golden ticket of warriors against the damaging affects of the sun's UV-Rays.  It acts to absorb the UV-Rays and is an extremely effective Anti-oxidant. What this means for your is that Vitamin E works to redirect the UV-Rays away from your hair thus repairing split ends and decreasing the aging effects that sun damaged hair often suffers from (including dryness, breakage, and faded hair coloring). 

Product Recommendation - Truly You Silky Smooth Scalp Treatment is formulated with a high amount of Vitamin E.  For best protection use our Silky Smooth Scalp Treatment for Hot Oil Treatments or as an Oil Rinse for best protection against the sun this summer.

2.  Shea Butter:  One of Earth's greatest gifts to so many textures of hair.  This wonderful ingredient is rich in Vitamins A, C, E and F, in addition to Sun Protection Factors (also known as SPF).  The rich creamy texture of Shea Butter coupled with its high quality makeup act as a barrier to protect your hair strands from the drying and fading effects caused by the sun's UV-Rays.

Product Recommendation - Truly You Super Soft Butter Blend is formulated with creamy Shea Butter as the main ingredient.  It also contains a high amount of Coconut Oil (which contains a natural amount of Vitamin E) and Vitamin E Oil.  Our Truly You Super Soft Butter Blend is a triple threat protector against the sun and its rays.  So before you head to the beach this summer, make sure to grab your Super Soft Butter Blend.

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