Hair Tip: Reducing Shedding To Achieve Thicker Hair

Audia Jones

Curious on how to reduce shedding and what could be causing it?

The Answer: Use a Caffeinated Tea or Coffee rinse on your hair (Shocking… yes!)

Here’s why Caffeine works to reduce shedding:

The human body produces a naturally occurring metabolite called Dihydrotestosterone (also known as “DHT”).  DHT has been scientifically linked to the cause of pattern baldness, alopecia, and other conditions involving hair loss.

Caffeine found in liquids such as tea and coffee works to counteract the effects of hair loss by blocking the DHT metabolite.   

​When adding a caffeine rinse to your hair care regimen test it out and see what works best for your hair.  Most likely one to two times per month will allow you to see less shedding.

Happy and Healthy Growing!

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